Internship in horrible office part 2

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Continuation from Part 1 of internship in horrible office.......

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The eerie laugh and almost dream like smile from the lady in front of me was enough to freak me out.

Instinctively I struggled against the restraints that was holding me.

This is it.

I give up. I want to abort this game.

I don’t care about making money for Olivia and her girls.

This is too freaky for me.

She looked like she belonged to some mental institution.

As the leather chains creaked against my struggle, I realised I can’t abort.

I am unable to abort the game.

I can’t reach for my neck with my hand. I can’t fucking touch the tags together to activate the sensors.

James: argnhhh!!! …

I strained and tried to bring my neck as close as I can to my wrist tag but I was too far away.

It was then I realised there was a ipad on the side table. The screen came on and I could see my vital signs beeping through the roof.

The lady laughed and said the people placing their bets must be on a frenzy right now.

Lady : seeing those numbers…. I think they must be thinking you are going to give up soon.. hahah…

James :arnghhh!!!

I groaned as she took both my testicles in her palm. She closed her fingers around my balls, squeezing them together as I groaned. It was not a hard squeeze, it’s a snug and fitting hold, letting me know immediately that the fate of my jewels is in her hand.

James: no…no… no… please please no… egnhhhh!!

The hold got tighter and tighter.

She is squeezing my balls together.

The feeling just went from uncomfortable to the beginning of pain.

Suddenly she stopped and she slowly released her grip on me.

She touched the tip of my cock again, tapping my pee hole like she was knocking ashes off the ends of her cigarette.

James : erngnghh….

Lady : let us try this again… am I the fairest of them all ??

I immediately nod my head.

She’s obviously mad.

I better do as she says.

I’ll agree to anything and everything.

James: yes.. yes… you are the fairest of them all.

Lady : really ? hahah…. That is so sweet of you…. Hahah…

She picked up her bathrobe with her feet and put them on again. She paced around the room and did a skip of sort on her own like she is in her own world.

Then she doubled back as if she realised she had forgotten all about me.

Lady : My name is Tricia by the way…. Hahha.. your name… your name is James right ?? yes.. I remember your name…

James : yes… yes… my name is James….

Tricia asked if I would like to be released from the harness and I immediately nodded my head.

James : yes.. yes…. Let me down…

Tricia : ok… will you behave if I let you down ??

James: yes.. yes.. of course… I will …

Inside my head, I was already visually raping her. Her tight body separated from me with only a thin bathrobe that was already showing her erected nipples.

I told her to let me down and I will do anything she wants me to.

Tricia : hahaha…. Ermm.. ok…. hahah.. hahah….

She disappeared and when she reappeared, she was holding something that looked like a toothbrush.

She brought it towards me and I could see it needs a power supply to work.

James : what are you doing ?? what is that… what is that ??

Tricia smiled and put the device on a stainless steel trolley that I never noticed was parked at the corner.

She whistled as she worked, plugging the device into a power supply right by my side.

Tricia held onto my cock and she switched on the wand like device with a brush head.

James : what the fuck…. What the fuck !! .er gnhhh.. ernghhh.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I convulsed against the restraints that was holding me up as I watched the figures beeped form yellow to red on the ipad, no doubt triggering another round of vigorous betting on me giving up the game.

The wand vibrated in a monstrous speed. Like the electric toothbrush I used in the morning, it’s soft bristles violated my cock as Tricia pulled back my foreskin, exposing the raw head of my uncircumcised cock.


She began to methodically brush my cock head, working right under the folds of my skin before doing a zig zag motion on the sensitive dick head.

I groaned and moaned as I watched my heart rate went through the roof.

The numbing feeling pushed me to the verge of losing control of my bowels.

It’s feels likes me giving my cock a good scrub under a hot shower with my foreskin pulled back, but in this case, it was totally out of my control.

The vibration struck my raw nerves like a angry pianist hitting relentlessly on the keys, striking the chords like a mad man.


I groaned and shouted until the point I think I’m about to pee then I saw Tricia pushed the vibrating brush head onto my pee hole.

It lasted barely 2 seconds as I felt my soul depart my body as I drooled and I squirted.

I came.

I shot out my load from my cock, sputtering a weak and feeble flow of cum onto Tricia’s hands.

Tricia : oh dear…. Such a mess….

She stopped the brushing and put the tool aside.

Even though she stopped doing whatever the fuck she is doing to me, I was still feeling the after effects.

The sourish and stinging sensation is still present in my cock, spreading throughout my balls.

Tricia pulled out some wet tissue and she cleaned up her hands as she looked at my cock.

Even after squirting out my cum it was still hard and throbbing.

I could not feel the effects of my orgasm, but my semen came out. I don’t know why.

I’ve never felt anything like this before.

Tricia : ok… not bad…. I’ll have you cleaned up….

James : What… what are you doing ?? why are you doing this ??

Tricia : doing what ? I’m just making sure you’re clean…. Giving you a good rub down…. Checking to make sure you are in working order…. I paid a lot for you…. I have to be sure you work…. Right ??

She opened her eyes wider as if she was trying to explain simple math to a school kid.

Tricia disappeared for a while before coming back into the room with another tablet in hand.

She is all smiles as she tapped away.

Tricia : easy money… haha.. this is easy money…. Hahah….

I did not know what she meant and I don’t care.

All I wanted to do is find a way to abort this game.

This is too weird for me.

I don’t know if I’m going to last 72 hours.

Tricia : I know what you are thinking right you… you want out of this game… you want to call it quits but trust me… the fun part is just beginning. Hahaha…

She paused for a while as she looked at me again, checking me from head to toe.

Tricia : you’re a interesting specimen….hahah….so… let me ask you again… am I the fairest of them all ??

James : yes…. Yes you are the fairest of them all…

Tricia covered her mouth and giggled, as if she was suddenly bashful of that compliment.

Then she composed herself and replied.

Tricia : that’s what everyone says…. Until they meet snow white….. right ?? hahah.. hahaha…

Tricia called out towards the back of the room.

Tricia : suwen …..suwen !!.... where are you…. Suwen !!

I saw the curtains at one portion of the room being parted by a hand, revealing a hidden door behind it.

I saw the bare feet.

I saw the shy peek of her eyes.

Then I came face to face with Suwen.

Holy shit.

Snow white.


The first thing that struck me was how smooth and fair her skin was.

She’s really fair but it came with a healthy glow. It’s like she has that dreamy glow of a setting sun cast on her fair skin.

She walked in like a rebellious teenager who is bored of her mother’s nagging.

With her arms folded and a annoyed looked on her face, I watched as Suwen got closer to me.

I could see she is young.

Really young in fact.

I would be surprised if you tell me she is above 20 years old.

Suwen had a pair of white shorts on, the bottom of the shorts, if you are looking at it from the front, angles up towards the exterior, creating a optical illusion of her legs being longer than it really is.

Still, I’m not complaining about the visual treat I was getting.

Her leg is proportionate, the right firmness near her thighs and buttocks as it tapers down to her calves. Even her ankles look deliciously arousing to me.

Suwen wore a white singlet that hugs onto her body like a baby koala latched to its mother.

Her breast is small, maybe a full A cup but the curves gave way to a flat tummy.

She’s not bone thin. When she exhales, I could see a cute budge at the bottom of her stomach. It’s definitely not belly fats.

When she spoke, I could feel the tremble in my cock.

If fairy tales were real, this is how I would envision the real snow white to sound like.

The tone of her voice immediately projected across to me of one that belongs to a good singer.

I think even my ears would leak cum if I could hear her moan in that voice.

She asked Tricia in a nonchalant manner, as if she was anticipating a chore of sort from this evil queen.

I could feel my cock springing back to life as I appraised Suwen’s body over and over again.

Her looks, the sweetness of her eyes, the crooked twitch by the side of her lips as she asked Tricia what she wanted, everything all adds up to her being my dream girl.

The sweet young and innocent dream girl I described about during the start of this story.

Suwen : ya ?? what do you want now ?

Tricia gestured to me and I could see Suwen looking at my cock before looking at me in my eyes.

I felt embarrassed suddenly, aware of how ridiculous I look.

My mind raced to process the thoughts.

Faye wanted me to pass her a message.

She must be connected to her in one way or the other.

Tricia : clean him up…. Get him ready …. For the game…

Suwen : him ??

She looked at me again as if Tricia said something silly.

Tricia : anything wrong ??

Suwen : Isn’t he a bit too young ?? how old is he ??

I felt a mix of insult and hurt as I listened to the exchange between Tricia and Suwen.

Tricia : yes, he’s only 23….

Suwen : Hahaha… you’re kidding right….

Tricia : no I’m not…. He’s a good candidate…..i’ve seen his past performance…. Not too shabby….

Suwen : no way…

She looked at me with a sideway glance as if this was some match making blind date gone wrong.

Suwen : He won’t last… he’s too young… inexperienced…. This is not fair to me…

Tricia : …. Wow…. You are unbelievable…

I could see Suwen on the verge of losing her temper.

I could not believe how good she looked when she frowned.

If I could get a wife like this, I will do anything for her.

Suwen : but bringing in someone that will obviously not clear the challenge is just wasting a chance for me !

Tricia : well…. Out of all those that are available…. He is the best out there dear… we’re not exactly shopping for fish or meat in the supermarket….

Suwen : I’ll be stuck here forever at this rate… fuck…

Tricia : well… I’m stuck here with you… you stupid whining …..

Suwen : As if it’s not already unbearable ….

Tricia : oh… in case you haven noticed, the feeling is mutual….

I alternated my head between the 2 girls.

They have got be have at least more than a 10 year age gap but their squabbling made them look like school girls about to get into a cat fight.

James: hey… hey.. hey!!! Let me down… what’s going on… what’s happening…..

Suwen & Tricia : shut up! ….

The 2 of them glared at each other as I looked on.

Tricia spoke first, it appears as if her head is the calmer of the 2.

Tricia : clean him up….i’m going to go get ready…..

Tricia left the room, obviously irritated by the squabble.

Suwen sighed and I watched her head to a drawer in the room.

She opened it and started to take out some wet tissues, alcohol wipes and even a squeeze bottle which had the words ‘distilled water’ labelled on exactly that way I remembered in the science lab.

I looked to make sure Tricia is out of the room.

I have to deliver the message.

The message from Faye to Suwen.

James : Suwen… I …. eRNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

She just grabbed my cock and yanked back my foreskin as If she is deboning a chicken.

James :LerNGHHH!!! aHHH!!! Pain.. pain….

Suwen ignored me and she started to clean my cock.

I could feel blood rushing into my groin as I felt the warmth and smoothness of her hand holding me.

She literally cleaned every inch of my cock with the squeeze bottle before wiping my cock down with the alcohol.

I was totally transfixed by her actions.

My cock, erected and throbbing with it’s dick head exposed is being give a good rub down. I could feel Suwen wipe down even the rim at the bottom of my dickhead, causing me to groan in pleasure.

James :ernghhh.. ernghh!!!!!!!

I panted and I looked at Suwen work without a word. She has definitely done this before.

After shes done, she gave my cock a final rinse before wiping it down with the wet tissues.

I could smell the pleasant scent lingering near my body after she was done.

I snapped myself out of the day dream and told Suwen what I wanted to say,

James : Suwen…. My name is James…. I am a friend of Faye…. She has a message for you….

Before I could go on, Suwen looked up , put her hands on her hips and our eyes met.

Suwen : Let me guess….. she will get me out….

My jaws dropped an inch as I looked at the disinterested look on Suwen’s face.

We were quiet for a couple of seconds before she exhaled and added.

Suwen : many have tried James…. You’re not the first… and you’re definitely not the last…

When I finally got over my shock, I asked Suwen what is happening.

James: what’s the deal with this place…

Suwen turned and I could see she wanted to leave but stopped herself and turned around.

Suwen : You’re a tool… to help us make money…. And we…. Are tools to someone else….

James : what ??

Suwen : give it up James… give up the moment Tricia let you go… you can’t win the challenge…

James: what challenge ?? why can’t I win ?? how does age have anything to do with it…. ??

Suwen looked at me as if I said something stupid.

Suwen : don’t be stupid James….. give it up the moment the rules are explained…. Don’t go through with it…

James: NO… tell me… what do I have to do… I can do it…

Suwen : hahah… I like your sense of optimism…..

Tricia came back into the room and I could see she was eyeing the both of us.

Tricia : is he ready ??? all cleaned up ??

Suwen : yes… you can clean him up again if you want to…

Tricia : I already milked him….. I hope it last…

James : what is going on ?? tell me … what is happening !!

Tricia reached for the controls and I could hear the hiss of the hydraulics as she lowered me down to the ground.

The girls undid all my restraints and I watched them walk towards one of the curtains in the room. They pulled back to reveal a large barn door.

James : what is going on ?? tell me… someone tell me what is going on !! what are the rules here ??!!!

Tricia : we don’t know yet….hahah… are you nervous….

James: what !!....

Tricia : relax… it’ll be fun for you….. I think…

Suwen : just give up James… don’t need to go through with this,,,

James: what !...

I looked at Suwen, she is giving me advice as if she’s a veteran in this shit.

Does she even know what I’ve been through the past few weeks ?

Does she even know I had to fuck girls against their will ?

She’s probably younger than me by a year or 2.

I felt a shiver in my spine as I watch Tricia removed her robe, revealing her naked body.

I turned to my right and saw that Suwen is also stripping.

She is stripping. Every piece of clothing.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

The door slide open, revealing the large interior of a empty warehouse about the size of a football field. Its totally enclosed and I could see 7 doors facing us across the hall. In the middle between us, there are a variety of obstacles much like the interior of a indoor playground for kids but everything is enlarged.

7 doors. 7 doors with varying heights. Some so low that an adult would have to crawl through to get out.

I turned to Tricia and Suwen.

James : Is that what I think it is…. What the fuck… what the fuck do I have to do…. ??

Suwen : look at the screen…

My heart was racing as I watch Suwen start to stretch her legs while totally naked.

A digital display started counting down.

James : what… what…. Fuck…. Tell me something…. !!

The countdown reached 5 and Tricia started running towards the left of the hall.

The digital display changed to 4 and Suwen started running towards the right, climbing while naked up a large ramp.

The number 3 appeared and I saw the light come on for one of the doors across the hall.

My heart was slamming against my ribcage when the number arrived at 2.

I readied my stance to run.

Everyone is running.

I should be running as well right.

The countdown reached 1 and several lights in the room turned on, illuminating a few obstacles.

When I saw the instructions flash out on the large screen, my legs went soft.

James : you….. got to be…. Fucking…. Kidding me….

The door opened and I saw another man climb out.

It finally dawned on me why the girls cleaned my cock.

I need to fuck them.

Both of them.