Lust Selections

Your Choices matter

Episode 1 & 2 has been released !!

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You've read 'My adventure in the office' ( MAITO )

What if you can play it ?

What if James has the power to make choices ?

Choices that would determine how the story plays out ? Which girl you get, and how you get her ?

Would you save Belinda ?

Would you exploit Sandy ?

How would you take Kate ?

And when Sylvia ( My brother & sister in law ) comes into the picture , how would the dynamics of James' office adventure change ?

Choices are never easy...................

Lust selection is a PC game developed with the storyline of (MAITO)

All characters, soundtracks, artwork & even voice artist are original and exclusive to this adventure.

The bulk of the work is done by a boutique games development company that i work closely with.

There will be some new twists to the original (MAITO) story for that added spice.

I've seen the gameplay interface. I've also seen the artwork.

Belinda's cold expression.

Sandy's body in the Mercedes.

Kate's smile

Sylvia's gasp.....

I've made choices i never got to do in the original storyline.


This will change the way you view erotic stories.

This changes everything.

Gameplay Screenshots