My name is James and i write under the pseudonym 'James' or 'ilikeoldchangke'


I really like the snacks from the shop in case you are wondering, and no, I am not affiliated with any curry puff companies. 



Reading is my favourite past time, and nothing makes me happier than a good book and a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day. I started this blog in 2012 and have not stop writing since. My grammar sucks, i'm not highly educated but i make do with my limited command of the language. 


As long as i can get the idea across, who cares if it's Singlish, hokkien or chinese ? 




If you have been following this blog, you would know the works i do mainly revolves around matured adult content. Yes, Erotic reads. 



It's not for the weak-hearted, sensitive topics about sex, violence and alternative views are prevalent within my works. 


Someone once asked me a question. 



" Do you think anyone will read what you write if there were no sex involved ? " 



Honestly, i don't know, but i intent to find out soon. 



In my ideal world, i would love to pursue writing erotic fiction stories as a career. However, this is easier said than done. We are still conservative in many ways,  many Asians are i guess. 



Writing erotic stories that pushes and challenges the norm, it's my dream, yes. 



A very distant dream. 



I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime but i know i would regret it if i don't try.

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way.

If not, you'll just find excuses.

Right now it's just a hobby, but i hope one day, i will be able to write full time for a living.




Contact me at ;

Email : ilikeock@gmail.com
Instagram : @jameslikecurrypuff

**Updates** 11/7/2018

Been giving this a bit of thought lately.

The kind of liberation and enjoyment i get from being able to write is really something i cannot find in my day job. I feel free, my mind feels free and i've never felt more relaxed doing anything else compared to writing.

Is it better than sex you ask ? Well, in some way, i guess it is.

I'm limited only by my own imagination.

I've written drafts and templates with background to countless works. I've created worlds ranging from a dystopian Singapore to a paradise where getting gratification from sex is like strolling into a supermarket.

I've created background of different facilities which will make TFIWA feels like a fairy tale, and i've written more extreme scenes of gore and carnage compared to the one in TBW.

Everything is in segments and pieces, i write whenever i get inspiration or when a particular scene pops into my head.

I really hope i can sit down in a quiet spot, not be bothered with anything else and just write.

Pen down a world that exists only in my mind so anyone who reads it, can be immersed in the same world.

I want to do this full time for a living, and i think it's time i do something serious about it.

3 years.

I'll give myself 3 years to get there.

This blog is now more than 6 years old.

In 3 years, i hope the blog & it's affiliated sales taking can generate 50% of my expenses.

The other 50%, i'll make it up from a combination of my investment portfolio dividends, freelance works, savings & perhaps odd job on the side.

It's going to be a gamble but i think it's something i want to try.

In 3 years, i will be clearing up the mortgage for the HDB, i'm going to try getting a sabbatical for a year perhaps to try and do this full time.

Who knows, maybe it'll all work out in the end ?




**Updates** 18/3/2019

8 Months into my goal of working towards being a writer full time.
I've been cutting my expenses from mobile phone plans to miscellaneous expenses.

It took me a while, but i found a balance i can work with.
Not to the point of neglecting myself but there are really quite a few things i'm prepared to give up on if i could work towards my dream.

Blog takings is climbing slowly but steadily. I hope it continues to grow. Will be releasing more new works this year, a combination of free to read and paid works. Something along the line of internship in horrible office.

That format garnered quite a good response.

Will also be slowly transiting to works that deal more with plot lines other than just pure sex and fetishes.

Also working to get my past works tidied up and edited for international audience.
If i want to write full time, that is the way to go.

Market in Singapore is too small.

Will update again in 6 months time.

A dream with a date, is a goal.


**Updates** 07/11/2019

I'm keeping this update here because i don't want it to take up a whole post. Just using this as a dairy of sort to track my journey to write full time.

The market is pretty bad now, even more so for the industry i am in. Many of my friends are retrenched, a few were told their contract will not be extended. It's bad. Many of them are in the late thirties to early forties range.

So here's the thing, i found out about 4 months ago that my company will cease to exists in a few months time. My boss is retiring.

It came as a shock to me, it shouldn't be though, he's well into his late 70s, it's about time.

On the bright side, the small office was given ample time for the transition.

The last day of my work officially will be somewhere in the middle of 2020.

I am free to look for a new job anytime but my boss requested i stay and help finish up what's left and end things on a good note. I will still receive my full annual package for 2020 in return for delaying my job search till everything wraps up. I feel it's fair so i agreed. This is on top of the modest retrenchment package he is giving just before CNY.

Yes, there is retrenchment benefits, but i'm not with the company for very long so no golden handshake there.

Don't worry, all is good on my end. I'm a saver and my finances are in good shape.
Blog takings are invested in a mixture of reits and bonds to build up my dividend income. I have also stopped buying photoshoot materials.

I'm only sharing this now because I've found an alternative and things are in motion. I will be joining a friend's business as a partner once my tenure end with the current company. It's a startup and i've been working on it with him the past couple of months.

It's turning a profit already, not much but it's a start.

Been sitting on this news for months and only just broke it to the missus because no point telling her when i don't have a plan. She's taking it ok but not so sure about starting the business. It's never easy.

Going through the process made me realise how hard it is to start your own company, and my respect for those who did went up a few folds.

Nothing changes for the blog, i'm still going to keep writing.

James out.


**Updates**  4/6/2020



I'll try to make it a point to update my journey progress every 6 months or so. 

I've just completed my 1st non-erotic work last week, ' the house in bukit timah'


It's part of a trilogy that i built upon 'the beast within' 


I'm quite happy that even though there are no sex scenes inside the latest piece, the response it got is still pretty encouraging. There's still a lot to improve in terms of my structure, character development and pacing. I've received several mails with suggestions on how i could do it better, will take note for future works. 


The teaser for 'Magic' has been updated into the blog. It's something different from my usual genre. I'm not sure if it would take off but if i don't try, i would never know. 


Moving forward, i'm still going to work towards my target of writing fulltime. 


Back in 2018, i gave myself 3 years to set a foundation. I'm 2 years in and so much has changed. The pandemic threw everyone off their feet and scuttled some plans. I was hoping to be debt free by now but a recent upgrade last year put me back to where i first started. 


Tied down by mortgage. Haha. 


If you've noticed, i've been pushing out new work every couple of weeks. Some of these are drafts i have written a while back but never got around to finishing. So i'm trying to get them done. Come July, i will not be releasing as much erotic work. There will be a mixture of comedy, horror and some short thrillers with a twist at the end. 


Been reading up a lot on website and all, will try to work on a improved site at the end of the year after i add more content to it. Am thinking of having a proper membership interface with different discount tiers. 


On the personal front, my last day of work was supposed to be 3rd week of June but due to Covid 19, it messed up the timeline. I will still be working for my employer till end of October. Thereafter, i'll be on my own. 


All is good and well on the financial side. I didn't take a pay cut but my wife's office cut her's by 20% till end of the FY. At least she still has a job. Blog takings has dropped and i'm not surprised. Erotic reads shouldn't be at the top of the priority list in this climate. 


I've dumped a chunk of savings into the market at end of March and picked up some counters i've been eyeing. Sitting on some modest paper gains right now. I expect the market to continue to be volatile with big swings but i'm not worried. I've been in the market since before Bear Stearns collapsed. The market always recovers. 


For those of you who are also investing for the long term, hang on tight and enjoy the ride.  



Stay safe all.

Will update my progress in another 6 months time.